Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Lost" Party

On Wednesday, we had a big Lost party. Amanda and Kelli, my roommates, are huge Lost fans. I on the other hand, have never seen one. So we had a party at our apartment to celebrate the new season. Kelli thought of this and we invited a lot of people. My friend Allan came and Kelli's friend Jared came also. Ashley, one of my roommates, and her boyfriend Jared came too. And of course Amanda was there. (I'm glad that she stayed) We had dinner and watched Lost. There was a recap of all the seasons before it so I was able to understand what was going on. After, our party, I went and talked with Amanda and she answered some of the questions that I had. I had so much fun and it was fun to visit with my friend Allan. I think that I might add Lost to my favorite shows. We will see.

Parking Drama

So after the weekend, I found out that my roommate, Amanda got a parking ticket. We thought that it was weird because she bought a parking pass. So we decided that we were going to talk to the Campus Parking. Well, I helped my other roommates out to their car and I found a lovely yellow parking ticket on my car. I was so frustrated because I also had a parking pass. So later that day, Amanda and I went to talk to Campus Parking. I told Amanda that I should take a few minute to calm down. She said no because I need to be tough. Well, come to find out, the lady told us that they hired so new police officers and they didn't know. So we didn't have to pay for the tickets. We were really excited and decided to celebrate by going out to lunch.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Week of First

This week I went to my first Aggie Basketball game and first Ice Hockey game. With the Basketball game my roommates Amanda and Karalee went with me and also your Family Home Evening group. It was fun to watch and I learned a lot about all the traditions, fight songs and what it means to be a True Aggie. The Hockey games was a blast. I went with my friend Diana for my pathophysiology class. We learned a lot about the game of hockey and we saw a lof of fight too. That was a big bonus. In all, Utah State won both of the games. I'm proud to be a Aggie!!!!!