Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Mission Reunion and General Conference. What can you ask of more?

On Friday, April 3rd I went down to Orem for my first Mission Reunion. I was really excited because I use it as a good excuse to go shopping for a cute dress. I found a slimming black dress with some really cute blue heels.

I was nervous when I got to the Stake Center and I thought I was in the wrong building because there was a primary activity going on. Well, I walked around the other side and I saw some Sisters from my mission. I was in the right building. We talked and talked before going into the chapel. My mission President, President Simmons finally got all of us in. He showed us the Olive Tree and it broght back so many wonderful memories of Why I Believe, a presentation at the Mission home where new member tell their stories of conversation. He then had us each stand up and introduce ourselves, where we were living and our church callings and if you brought someone with us. Sister Simmons and their daugther gave a talk. President Simmons gave a talk and it was so good. He talked about how important it is not to put people down through gossip and he talked about how we shouldn't put ourselves down. I needed it so much.

After the talks we went into the gym and talked with everyone. It was so much fun to see a lot of missionaries that I served with and see what they were doing and up to. About 10:30 I decided to go home and crazy as I am, I went back to Logan. So yes I got home around 1 o'clock in the morning.

General Conference was amazing. I loved all of the talks. Some of my favorites were President Eyring, Elder Bednar, Elder Holland Gary Stevenson just to name a few. I'm so grateful that we have a living Prophet on the Earth to guide us and help us come closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Indexing, Indexing and more Indexing

On Friday night, our ward was putting on an Indexing(Family history) all nighter. Amanda, Ashley and I decided that we would go. But first, we stopped at Walmart at midnight and bought Twilight. (I love that movie so much) We then headed over to the church.
So, I was a little worried that I would not like to Indexing. I thought that it would be boring. We started doing it and it turned out to be a lot of fun.
We started to index from 12:30 am and went to 7:00 am. It was crazy. The ward had all kinds of goodies to keep us up. We took breaks and played some games. We played dodgeball and I had a very lucky ball catch. Amanda throw a ball that me and I tried to catch it. I lost it but tried a second time to get it and it bounced up and on the third try and was able to hold on to it. That is pure luck!!! Amanda and I took a break a little bit later and played basketball. It was so much fun and it was good to play because I haven't played in a long time.
So after 200 names it was 7 am. The bishopric made us breakfast and we decided to come home and get some rest. But I really glad that I went and now I have some stuff that I can do when I have some free time.

Hiking to Wind Caves

My roommates, Nicole and Karalee, had a wonderful idea to go hiking up to Wind Caves. So we decided to hike up there and then have a dutch oven cobbler afterwards. Wind Caves are these neat caves that have been by the wind in the Logan Canyon.

In order to get these caves you had to walk up a path up to the very top of canyon. I was a very hard climb but it was worth it. The view was amazing and the caves were so neat. Here are some of the pictures. . . . .

After we got done, we went to a camp fire and cook the dutch oven. We roasted Peeps, a first for me and talked around the camp fire. We enjoyed the dessert and were about to leave and then a group of boys came over and started talking with them. I was really fun. I'm so excited to have good weather to go do some fun things.

I'm going to Nursing School!!!!!!!

In January of this year, I applied for the Nursing Program through the Weber State/Utah State program. Just to let you know about this program. . It's one of the best in the state of Utah and they only take 30 students. So as I turned in my application, I was hopefully that I would be one of those students. They said that I would know if I got in or not at the end of March.

On thursday, I was having a crappy day. I just got done with my drawing class and was upset about my grade because I thought that I did very well on my drawings. So I came home and was on my bed preparing my lesson for Sunday School. I got a feeling that I should go check the mail. I decided to check it and found my letter from Weber in the mail box.

I run back to my apartment and I couldn't open it. I knocked on Amanda's, my roommate, door and she said open it. I slowly openned it and I found out what my fate was. I got accepted to the program!!!!!!! I start the program this fall at Utah State. The program is 4 semesters and I'm so excited.

I called my parents and they were so excited. My mom told me that I was lucky to get in on my first time. I was truly lucky and blessed. It felt like a big relief because now I know what I'm doing with my life. I also glad that all of my hard work is going where I want it to go.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Time Skiing

As sad as this sounds, I've lived in Utah for most of my life and never stepped on top of a mountain with skies on. Come on, Utah is known for the Greatest Snow on the Earth. You would think that I would be a true Utahn and go skiing or snowboarding faithfully. I don't think so. Last night, my ward put on a Ski Night. So on Sunday I got talked into it by my roommates to go, even if I don't like of the idea of going down a big hill not on a solid surface. We decided to all go and have fun. So yesterday I was getting very nervous and wanted to back out of it. Well, come to find out my roommates Nicole, Karalee and Ashley backed out at the last minute. They said that it was to expensive, even if they bought a 300 dollar ski pass and the tickets were at a discount of 10 dollars, and that it wasn't good snow because it melted the day before and there was just ice or so they heard. So Amanda and I said so what, we are going to have fun and do it. We drove up with Amanda's friends to Beaver and found that in fact there was fresh powder and no ice.

So we rented our ski's and we started. I was truly terrified and let's just say it took along time for me to get down one run. I would go and get scaried that I was going to fast and fall over. Amanda was so great and so patient with me. She kept tell me to take my time and to get up. There was one part where I did go for a long time without falling. That part was pretty cool. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I didn't brake anything, so I guess it was a success for my first time. I kind of want to do it again but take it a little slower this time instead of just going to the very top and going down

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little time on my hands

Ok, I had a little bit of time on my hand this past friday. I finished my list of "To Do" list. I looked at the clock in my room and it was only noon. I thought to myself what else to do. For the past couple of weeks, I wanted to change my room around. So I decided to do it. I got my strong arms out and started moving around my stuff. I moved everything and my roommate, Ashley, just laughed at me because I would walk outside my room with a sour and mad look. It was about three hours after the start of the move, I got every thing organized and I like my new look. What do you think? . . .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A teacher for Mission Prep. . . .

Two weeks ago, I was called as a teacher for Mission Prep. So, today was my first day teaching the class. We have been teaching out of Preach My Gospel. I was in charge of teaching the second lesson which is the Plan of salvation. I was really nervous about teaching. We had four girls including my roommate Amanda and the other Mission Prep teacher, Stan. It was good and I'm grateful that Amanda was in the class because she answered a lot of the questions and the other girls really didn't All that I have to say is that I'm glad that it is over and I don't have to teach for another 2 weeks. Yeah!!!!!!