Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Time Skiing

As sad as this sounds, I've lived in Utah for most of my life and never stepped on top of a mountain with skies on. Come on, Utah is known for the Greatest Snow on the Earth. You would think that I would be a true Utahn and go skiing or snowboarding faithfully. I don't think so. Last night, my ward put on a Ski Night. So on Sunday I got talked into it by my roommates to go, even if I don't like of the idea of going down a big hill not on a solid surface. We decided to all go and have fun. So yesterday I was getting very nervous and wanted to back out of it. Well, come to find out my roommates Nicole, Karalee and Ashley backed out at the last minute. They said that it was to expensive, even if they bought a 300 dollar ski pass and the tickets were at a discount of 10 dollars, and that it wasn't good snow because it melted the day before and there was just ice or so they heard. So Amanda and I said so what, we are going to have fun and do it. We drove up with Amanda's friends to Beaver and found that in fact there was fresh powder and no ice.

So we rented our ski's and we started. I was truly terrified and let's just say it took along time for me to get down one run. I would go and get scaried that I was going to fast and fall over. Amanda was so great and so patient with me. She kept tell me to take my time and to get up. There was one part where I did go for a long time without falling. That part was pretty cool. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I didn't brake anything, so I guess it was a success for my first time. I kind of want to do it again but take it a little slower this time instead of just going to the very top and going down


  1. Sweet! I have come to like skiing! I am too scared to try snowboarding but I think skiing is way fun! So glad you decided to be brave and go for it!

  2. Yay Janae! Sounds like fun :) I am a snowboarder though, you should try it sometime. It's awesome! You can't do the splits with the board haha.